I didn’t know my own strength…

Sometimes, you just have to listen to Whitney or Amy, or even Jessie J to re-ignite the flame you have inside you.

Sincerely speaking, life is tough. For all of us, no? It’s almost irresistible to allow that tiny dot of blackness, whiteness, blank space…however you want to term it, to take over.

Most mornings, I wake up, and face the sun (incidentally, I’m quite happy I got the east facing room, because I wake to the sun every morning) and face the prospect of my job i.e. applying for them. And man, it sucks. But it’s there, and it won’t go away until it does.

Today was especially difficult, and the irresistible pull of sinking into that empty space was stronger than ever. It’s like Pepe-le-Pew, you know, the French skunk in the cartoon who’s always chasing after the female skunk, and his stench is completely overpowering.

That’s what this chase is like.

But, in the most simple of terms, you have to keep going.

I’m probably not doing myself any favours by laying myself bare like this, on t’internet, on a blog which prospective employers may read. But this is the reality of me. Angry and hungry for change.

Reading reports like this: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/sep/21/-sp-posh-britain-the-riot-club-bullingdon-privilege, makes me angry. Probably for all the wrong reasons. It makes me angry, because, I think I know my own strength. I’m actually a really great person, with lots of skills, who is very funny – I make people laugh damnit. Not only that, but I’m interesting, and I’ve had such a varied life, and I’m dedicated to making this…sorry excuse for a world, better, for people who have things not as easy as others who are born into complete and utter privilege.

I’m fearful of a world where the talented poor are granted no favours. Where the phrase ‘it’s who you know, not what you know’ becomes an acceptable mantra. Because, I’m sorry. That’s no acceptable. (And also I know no one *cough*).

But we were not built to break.

The Creator watches over us perpetually, and truly never gives us anything we can’t handle.

So this is the new mantra we need to be espousing, people:

I know my own strength. I wasn’t built to break.


The Urban Gardener

Free time is a blessing in disguise.

London is currently undergoing an ‘Indian Summer’ (whatever that means, because from my own experience, India only has two seasons – hot and bloody hot). The weather is actually a little more than bearable, it’s nice. Almost… very nice.

I’ve thus taken it upon myself to put to good practice the skills I learnt in my WWOOFING expeditions, and attempt to transform my front garden.

In short, my garden has gone from this:

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